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Marja Mortensson

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here's news from Marja Mortensson, Daniel Herskedal & Jakop Janssønn:

> The virtual WOMEX-Showcase was a great success, read the Songlines Magazine review here: "The absolute highlight of the evening was the performance by Marja Mortensson"

> The new album is in the making, the Norwegian Radio Orchestra has been recorded and the rest will be finished soon. If you click on the picture below you can watch a short teaser of the recording on Facebook.

> We're doing all our best to plan some trio concerts in 2021 to accompany the release from 22. to 26. September 2021 - festival requests apart from this week are more than welcome. Or any requests. Just give it a try, these guys are longing to play live!

Herzliche Grüße
Line-Up (live):
Trio: Marja Mortensson, vocals / Daniel Herskedal, tuba, bass trumpet / Jakop Janssønn - percussions

”The most memorable set was by Marja Mortensson, who took the mesmeric, chattering vocal tradition of the indigenous Sami people of Northern Europe – yoiking, as it’s known – and arranged it impressionistically for drums, bass trumpet, tuba and electronics.” The Rolling Stone Magazine

”Though Mortensson is clearly a special talent, it's the strength of the trio's chemistry that lifts this music into the realm of the sublime. A heirloom that will doubtless illuminate for generations to come.” All About Jazz

“It sounds like a prayer with a profound belief reverberating inside. Te softly dissonant minor chords brighten into major harmonies at crucial moments in the melody, like sunshine suddenly highlighting features on the landscape. It’s extraordinarily beautiful.” Songlines Magazine
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Spotify links to the previous albums (click on pictures):
Spotify links to the previous albums (click on pictures):
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05.02.21 Sinus, Bodø, Norway
22.09.21 Freiburg, Jazzfestival, Germany
26.09.21 Kassel, Theaterstübchen, Germany (tbc)
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