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Marja Mortensson

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“An arresting statement of South Sámi traditions and our connection with the natural environment.” Songlines Magazine, Top of the World list, March 2020

here comes an excited "hello" from my home office, while South Saami singer and yoiker Marja Mortensson, Daniel Herskedal (tuba, bass trumpet) and Jakop Janssønn (percussions) are recording a new album with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra // Kringkastingsorkesteret.

The record will be released in autumn 2021 and we are looking for concert possibilities for the trio in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg (eagerly, like everybody: this music was made to be performed in front of an audience!)

Marja is a 25 year old Saami singer from Norway. In this case, it is important for me to refer to her age because there is so much she achieved: She played on big festivals on every continent apart from Australia, but WOMAD was confirmed for 2021 (we'll see about that). Her only appearance in BENELUX so far was BOZAR in 2019, a great experience for the band. She and her band mates received the Norwegian Grammy for their first album "Mojhestasse" (Listen on Spotify!). A Swiss film production company is planning on a cinematic documentation about her as the daughter of reindeer farmers in Northern Norway and a Swiss farmer's son.

Despite all that Marja is an unbelievably down to earth woman. I am above proud that she asked me to be her agent (not so very humble but at least I'm honest)!

I'm looking forward to your ideas and thoughts.

Regards from Germany, stay safe
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Duo: Marja Mortensson, vocals / Daniel Herskedal, tuba, bass trumpet
(on request available with Trondheim Solistene)
Trio: Marja Mortensson, vocals / Daniel Herskedal, tuba, bass trumpet / Jakop Janssønn - percussions

”The most memorable set was by Marja Mortensson, who took the mesmeric, chattering vocal tradition of the indigenous Sami people of Northern Europe – yoiking, as it’s known – and arranged it impressionistically for drums, bass trumpet, tuba and electronics.” The Rolling Stone Magazine

”Though Mortensson is clearly a special talent, it's the strength of the trio's chemistry that lifts this music into the realm of the sublime. A heirloom that will doubtless illuminate for generations to come.” All About Jazz

“It sounds like a prayer with a profound belief reverberating inside. Te softly dissonant minor chords brighten into major harmonies at crucial moments in the melody, like sunshine suddenly highlighting features on the landscape. It’s extraordinarily beautiful.” Songlines Magazine

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