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Digital WOMEX 2020

womex invitation
Dear fellow Womexians!

I'm reaching out to you to invite you to two very different Digital WOMEX events that will introduce you to two of my artists.

Here we go with the quicklinks to the WOMEX events:
Wednesday, Oct. 21, between 18.30h and 21h, Stage right: Showcase of Saami singer Marja Mortensson
Saturday, Oct. 24th, 15.30h - 16.30h: Two Jazz Explosions hosted by Veronika Harcsa

A little more information:
Marja Mortensson is a South Saami singer-songwriter who lives in Norway. With her art she manages to bring the old art-form of yoiking to the 20th century. She sees herself as an ambassador of an almost forgotten language. During the WOMEX showcases the winner of a Norwegian Grammy in 2019 performs in a church together with her band-mate Daniel Herskedal (tuba) and a string quartet (Trondheim Soloists). In Autumn 2021 she is going to release a new album togeter with Herskedal, Jakop Janssonn on percussion and the National Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

Veronika Harcsa will be the host of an hour long talk between André Marmot (UK), agent/writer, Earth Agency and Barak Weiss (Israel), artistic director, Tel Aviv Jazz Festival. They will be talking about the huge Jazz booms in their countries and what other countries can learn from it.
Veronika is a
Hungarian singer-songwriter who lives in London. Together with her duo partner Bálint Gyémánt (guitar) they form a Jazz Quartet with two highly required Belgian musicians (Nicolas Thys on bass and Antoine Pierre on drums). They will release a new album in Spring 2022.

Tinka Steinhoff Booking is a European Jazz- & World Booking agency, founded in 2020.

Tinka Steinhoff Booking Territories for Marja Mortensson: worldwide except for the Nordic States.
Tinka Steinhoff Booking Territories for Veronika Harcsa: worldwide except for Hungary, in cooperation with AKM Management, Budapest.

See below the contact informations of all of us. We're looking very much forward to meeting you, what ever that may look like this year!

Marja, Veronika & Tinka
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