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Darrifourcq Hermia Ceccaldi

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Darrifourcq Hermia Ceccaldi by Sylvain Gripoix

very happy to announce that from now on I will not only be responsible for the exclusive bookings for Darrifourcq Hermia Ceccaldi in Germany/Austria/Switzerland, but also be working nonexclusive anywhere else!

Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers
Kaiju refers to a well-known Japanese film genre in which preferably mutated monster lizards play a central role. The second album of the Franco-Belgian trio around drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq is just as surreal and bizarrely dimensioned. What a cosmos of diverse parallel worlds opens up here.

The cello of Valentin Ceccaldi drums ostinato power chords into the soundtrack, so that even a metal band would have their bright joy. Again and again he cuts short thematic phrases in between as if something old, overgrown urgently needs to be deconstructed. The new emerges simultaneously in the enormously powerful polyrhythmic structures that arise from Darrifourcq's drum set, as if in a kind of chaos of creation whirled around by the unleashed, sometimes polyphonic overblown tenor sax of Manuel Hermia.

Let's not call it experimental, because the three know very well what they are doing. A precisely calculated teetering between post-structuralist deconstruction and freaky free jazz. And they do it with serious joy of playing and irrepressible energy.

> Watch below (or here) their newest video 'Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers'.
> The song 'Charbon' made it to Spotify's Avant Jazz
> The song 'Ma-ri-nette' made it to Spotify's Cutting Edge Jazz
> The current album Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers received some very exciting reviews, here are two of them (LondonJazz News) (CitizenJazz). A selection of other quotes find below!

I don't know about you, but what I need more than anything right now (despite all my love of puzzle nights and hour-long walks) is intensity. No other word better describes a live experience with Darrifourcq Hermia Ceccaldi. Check out there tour dates and avails 2021 and 22 below - and don't hesitate to ask me about other periods.

Alles Liebe,
Screenshot Video Kaiju
Sylvain Darrifourcq, drums, percussions
Manuel Hermia, sax
Valentin Ceccaldi, cello

About Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers:
"[...] what these three gentlemen are doing is unlike anyone else in Europe or elsewhere." London Jazz News
“[...] very different but very exciting stuff” All About Jazz
"[...] even if you are used to this kind of music, you never completely come back from such a sound experience.” Citizen Jazz
"Keep the gates of the jazz clubs wide open. With the devotion of this trio, any viral danger will be reduced." Jazzhalo
“‘Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers’ is an explosive cocktail where the the lightning speed of freejazz, the rhythmic breaks and orchestral heatstrokes leads you to an unbelievable sound experience.” L’Avenir
“Just as there were once cults of mystery, "Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers" is a record of mystery!” Dragonjazz
“A music to listen to and above all to discover in concert to experience all its energy.” Jazzaround Mag

Older reviews:
"[this] is currently among the most exciting that European jazz has to offer: Giant playing intelligence, unlimited inventiveness and great sound dynamic spectrum - breathtaking!" Jazzthetik
“a furious post-industrial onslaught that rarely let up.” Jazzwise
“one of the most exciting groups in Europe.” LondonJazz news
"Hermia, Ceccaldi and Darrifourcq give a real lesson in music: interweaving or clashing of timbres, mastery of nuances, surprise in the blending of sonorities [...].Everything here is a source of delight." Jazzmagazine
"In parallel to MILESDAVISQUINTET! and In Love With, the pair Sylvain Darrifourcq / Valentin Ceccaldi continues their fruitful collaboration and renews the potentialities of trio music." Citizen Jazz
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Tourdates & Avails (no guarantee)

13.04.21 DE-Berlin - A-Trane
14.04.21 DE-Berlin - A-Trane
16.04.21 DE-Munich - Unterfahrt
01.05.21 FR-Jarny - Musiques en Mouvement
08.05.21 NO-Trondheim - Jazzfestival
21.05.21 FR-Strasbourg - Jazz d’or
17.06.21 FR-Avignon - AJMi Jazz Club
18.06.21 DE-Lüdinghausen - Burg Vischering, Open Air
19.06.21 DE-Krefeld - Jazzklub, Open Air
20.07.21 FR-Narbonnes - Musiques au Présent
11.11.21 DE-Dresden - Tonne, tbc
12.11.21 DE-Altenburg - Jazzklub
13.11.21 DE-Bielefeld - Bunker Ulmenwall, tbc
14.11.21 DE-Hameln - Doubletime Jazz Club
15.11.21 DE-Hameln - Doubletime Jazz Club
16.11.21 DE-Kassel - Theaterstübchen

13. - 19. September 2021
21. - 27. March 2022: UK?
02. - 07. May 2022
25. - 28. August 2022
28. October - 06. November 2022
21. November - 04. December 2022: Finland & The Baltics via The French Nordic Jazz Transit, Charles Gil

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