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Black Flower (Belgium) / Christoph Pepe Auer (Austria) / Daniel Herskedal Solo, Trio & Score Music (Norway) / Darrifourcq Hermia Ceccaldi (France, Belgium) / Eyolf Dale Trio (Norway) /
Veronika Harcsa & Bálint Gyémánt Duo & Quartet (Hungary, Belgium) /
Julie Campiche Quartet (Switzerland) / Júlio Resende Solo & Fado Jazz Ensemble (Portugal) /
Marja Mortensson (Norway) / Martin Tingvall. Solo Piano (Sweden) /
Tingvall Trio (Sweden, Cuba, Germany) / Tuomas A. Turunen (Finland)
Dear subscribers,

Here comes a year's end overview about my artist's latest news, such as awards, cool quotes, new releases and tour plans. Click on the pictures to be forwarded to their artist pages (and their tourdates).

What a year it was. Again. But here's the Hey - it wasn't all bad. New family members, beautiful shared stories and experiences, the will to get through this pandemic together and the trust that we will manage. And of course: new music, plenty of new music.

I wish all of you a happy holiday. Talk soon!
(Territory GAS)

- MAGMA will be out on 28th January
- Uncut Magazine (UK) will do a big interview for the album.
- COSMO Radio (WDR) added the single O Fogo to their series Five Songs The World Needs Now.
black flower

- super happy to announce that, after a serious accident in the mountains, Pepe Auer is back on track - and has new songs in his repertoire!
- due to the mentioned incident, we had to cancel his fall-tour. But almost every concert has been postponed to 2022 - and the band is ready, as I could witness in Munich's Unterfahrt last week!
christoph pepe auer

- Trio album HARBOUR was picked as best Jazz recording of the year by Presto Music
- The New York Times picked the podcast 9/12 as one of the best of the year and mentioned Daniel's film score as "stunning"
- The solo album CALL FOR WINTER was picked as composition of the year by Norwegian Grammy and nominated for the same by the Norwegian Composer's Union
daniel herskedal

- A live quote on point: "by no means just to be enjoyed by music nerds [...] The cosmos of sound that opened up that evening was simply unbelievable". Thomas Trummer for OTZ
- A-Trane Berlin's owner Sedal Serdan published on Facebook: "[ ...]Please have a big attention to this truely sophisticated and exciting trio!!"
darrifourcq hermia ceccaldi

- some best quotes for BEING:
"The compositions are masterpieces of the trio art." SWR2, DE / "A hypnotic beauty." France Musique, Open Jazz, FR / "This winter's big jazz album" Dagens Næringsliv (DN) Magasinet, NO
- some live tracks will be released in Spring 22
- new Trio album in early 23
- due to the pandemic, we had to postpone the long-awaited release tour of BEING.
eyolf dale trio

- their new album ABOUT TIME will be released in September 2022 on Jazzhaus Records!
- there's already seven videos, some live, some produced, to showcase the album on their video channel.
harcsa gyemant

- the new album will be released in fall 2022.
- A brand new teaser: YouTube

julie campiche
(Territory GAS)

- FADO JAZZ will be released on 25th February on ACT
julio resende
(Terriory Europe except the Nordic States)

- Marja has been voted as the Folk musician of the year by Folkelarm
- her album Raajroe still has to be toured - but only after her well deserved maternity leave
marja mortensson

- One of Germany's top three "Women's magazines", BRIGITTE, reflected on his album WHEN LIGHT RETURNS: "He tells stories with his piano, without words. It's in moments like this that jazz becomes magical."
martin tingvall
TINGVALL TRIO (Sweden/Cuba/Germany)
(Territory GAS)

- DANCE will most likely turn out to be their most successful album so far. They didn't turn their backs completely from Jazz - but opened their minds more than ever towards World Music. Suits them well.
tingvall trio

- Tuomas just recorded a new album! Finally! It'll be out somewhere in the first half of 2022. I'll keep you posted.
tuomas a turunen
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