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Daniel Herskedal Trio (NOR) - HARBOUR

"Daniel Herkedal has created something rather special." London Jazz News, UK // "unspeakably beautiful." Nettavisen, NO // "a fascinating new masterpiece" Written In Music, 4,5/5 , NL // "an outstanding tuba player" SWR 2 Radio, DE // "a voice of sonorous beauty and passion." ★★★★★ The Scotsman, UK // "a miracle that this range of sounds is produced by only three musicians." France Musique, FR // "A beautiful blend of musicality and sonic storytelling" Buzzmag, UK // "The reigning king of Jazz concept albums" Presto Music, UK // "simply riveting." Making A Scene, UK // "Bewitching.” Jazz News, FR // "so hypnotically pleasant, so engaging, balancing humble moments of beauty" Music for Watermelons, IT // "moving images of beaches and ships, tides and storms and the eponymous port as a protective place of security.” WDR, Album of the week, DE

Picture by Knut Aserud.
Dear subscribers,

Daniel Herskedal's album "Harbour" (Edition/Membran) has been well received by the press (see above for a selection). And we are very happy that Daniel, Eyolf and Helge get to travel again!

- Available on Amazon Music since 1 September: The podcast 9/12 by Pineapple Music, Amazon Music and Wondery, led by Dan Taberski, and with music composed by Daniel Herskedal. From 8 September, the whole thing will also be available to stream on all other platforms.

- There is a new tour period announced for the trio: 3 to 9 October 2022.
In addition, we are still looking for a connection in February (see below!).

- Also the solo album "Call For Winter" is still being discussed. (Feels like we're almost there!) Here's the big hit: “What wonderfully sublime music” BBC Radio 3, UK
You can book possible connections in May (see below!).

- Festival requests beyond that are, as always, most welcome.

All the best!
Edition Records Teaser Video "Harbour":
Teaser Harbour
Daniel Herskedal Solo "Time of Water":
time of water
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daniel herskedal solo infos
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Daniel Herskedal, tuba, bass trumpet / Eyolf Dale, piano / Helge Andreas Norbakken, percussions
Live: Ingo Rau, sound
08.09.21 DE-Hameln - Doubletime Jazzclub / Trio*
09.09.21 DE-Hameln - Doubletime Jazzclub / Trio*
11.09.21 DE-Lüneburg - Kulturforum / Trio*
03.11.21 NO-Vadsø - Kooperativet / Quartet with Ensemble Noor
04.11.21 NO-Varangerbotn - ScenEvent / Quartet with Ensemble Noor
05.11.21 NO-Hammerfest - Arktisk Kultursenter / Quartet with Ensemble Noor
06.11.21 NO-Tromsø - Lille Scenen, Kulturhuset / Quartet with Ensemble Noor
16.11.21 NO-Brønnøysund, venue tba / Quartet with Ensemble Noor
17.11.21 NO-Hemnes, venue tba / Quartet with Ensemble Noor
18.11.21 NO-Bodø, venue tba / Quartet with Ensemble Noor
19.11.21 NO-Lofoten/Svolvær, venue tba / Quartet with Ensemble Noor
11.02.22 LI-Schaan - Theater am Kirchplatz / Trio*
12.02.22 DE-München - Unterfahrt / Trio
24.05.22 DE-Bernau - Siebenklang Festival / Solo
25.05.22 BE-Bornem - Culturcentrum Ter Dilft / Solo*
26.05.22 ES-Madrid - Sala Clamores / Solo

*booked by Daniel's former booking agency.
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