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My love for Jazz is unlimited... In theory! But of course the utopic construction of unlimitedness needs practice in practice (welcome to my kitchen's philosophy), and I kind of see myself at the very beginning of this journey. With a little help from Hungary, here come the next steps:

With the latest project in the TSB portfolio of European Jazz Bands, things are taking a real turn towards the direction of classical music: Veronika Harcsa, Anastasia Razvalyaeva and Márton Fenyvesi have taken on Claude Debussy with harp, guitar, vocals and electronics and are breaking down open doors: Debussy NOW! I gladly accepted the invitation of their label BMC Records to represent the trio this week in Hanover at Classical:NEXT (as an absolute newcomer - it'll be exciting!).

Back to my kitchen's philosophy of the day: down with stereotyped thinking! And also Down with the Hate for Harmonies¹. Below is a selection of TSB artists that I am representing in this context.

Alles Liebe!

¹The "Down with the Fear of Freakouts Offensive" will follow soon.²
²For those who are already looking forward to this one, I highly recommend listening to Debussy NOW!

Debussy NOW!
BMC Records 2022

“..an exciting trio of players from Hungary reimagining the music of the great Claude Debussy. The way that this trio has treated the material is with great devotion to the original work but also applying an almost dub-like process improvising with effects and electronics to create almost a new version that is both intriguing and very connected to the work and the meaning of the work itself..” BBC Radio3, UK

Tuomas A. Turunen - Lifesparks
Skip Records 2022

"Music that invites you to think and reflect on your own life with an atmosphere of inwardness and sometimes melancholy." RONDO, DE

Daniel Herskedal - Call For Winter
Edition Records 2020

DH_fog_Jorn Kristensen_quad

“What wonderfully sublime music from Daniel Herskedal” BBC Radio 3, UK

Norwegian Grammy for the composition of the year.

Martin Tingvall - When Light Returns
Skip Records 2021

"When Light Returns reflects optimism for the return of a carefree time after the necessary restrictions to fight the pandemic." RONDO, DE

Marja Mortensson - Raajroe/The Reindeer Caravan
Veadta 2021

“extraordinarily beautiful.” Songlines Magazine, UK

Norwegian Grammy for the Folk-Album of the year.
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