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Daniel Herskedal (NOR) - Solo Tuba

Daniel Herskedal by Joern Kristensen
Dear Recipients,

very happy to announce that Daniel Herskedal was selected for a Showcase at Womex 2022 in Lisbon!

He's going to perform a Solo Tuba Performance at the beautiful Teatro Tivoli on Saturday, October 22nd - and I hope to meet as many of you as possible. His solo performances are rare - most of his touring he does in Trio with Eyolf Dale and Helge Norbakken. And the much I enjoy his Trio concerts (I think everyone who ever read or heard a sentence coming from me about this band should know by now 😎), the much I appreciate the intensity and intimacy of his solos. Fancy an example? Here's two:

Time of Water - YouTube
The Mistral Noir - YouTube

Ask me for his Trio or Solo availabilities, the next concerts are listed below.

Off Days:
19th November (UK would be a dream, but the continent is doable, too!)
20th November (same here)

29th November (Norway!)
30th November (same!)

20. - 26. February (Northern Europe preferred, with a very wide and free interpretation of "Northern Europe")

Trio Release tour is planned in autumn 2023! First options are already set, please reach out to me soon!

Also, make sure to not miss the Opening Night at Womex neither - JĂșlio Resende, whom I represent in Germany, Switzerland and Austria only, will open the fair in Teatro Tivoli! As this newsletter goes out to all the countries apart from GSA, please feel free to contact his manager JosĂ© Fereira directly in case you are interested in booking him! #sharingiscaring

Enjoy your summer holidays and até breve!

Daniel Herskedal - Call For Winter
Edition Records 2020

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Daniel Herskedal Womex
“What wonderfully sublime music from Daniel Herskedal” BBC Radio 3, UK

20.07.22 IRE-Sligo - Sligo Jazz Festival / Trio
04.10.22 GER-Kassel - TheaterstĂŒbchen / Trio
05.10.22 GER-Saarburg - Evangelische Kirche / Trio
06.10.22 GER-Marburg - KFZ / Trio
07.10.22 GER-Neustadt am RĂŒbenberge - Schloss Landestrost / Trio
08.10.22 GER-Gelsenkirchen - Schloss Horst / Trio
09.10.22 GER-LĂŒneburg - One World Kulturzentrum / Trio
22.10.22 POR-Lisbon - Womex / Solo
18.11.22 GBR-London - tba / Trio
01.12.22 NOR-GjĂžvik - Jazzklubb / Trio
23.02.23 SWE-UmeÄ - Jazzstudio / Trio

Daniel Herskedal
, tuba, bass trumpet
Ingo Rau, sound

Daniel Herskedal, tuba, bass trumpet
Eyolf Dale, piano
Helge Andreas Norbakken, percussions
Ingo Rau, sound
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