Season 3, Episode 1-3:
Darrifourcq Hermia Ceccaldi - Debussy NOW! - Eyolf Dale Trio

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Dear readers

It is what it is, I have gathered quite a few bands since the agency was founded about two years ago. A general newsletter was planned - but I was forced to give up in the middle of wokring on it because I ran out of paper. Instead, the adventures of my protagonists and the corresponding offdays will be published weekly as a compelling series - in a pack of three, because nobody can avoid binge-watching these days.

We start off in France/Belgium, Hungary and Norway with three exceptionally energetic projects: the Francophone powerhouse DARRIFOURCQ HERMIA CECCALDI, the contemporary project DEBUSSY NOW! by Hungarian singer Veronika Harcsa and the EYOLF DALE TRIO, named after the Norwegian pianist. Offdays are available in January and February, of course the main reason for releasing these three as a pilot.

Alles Liebe

Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers

booking in Finland by Charles Gil.
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"lebendige Gegenwartsmusik schlechthin" Jazzthetik, DE (5/5 Sterne)

This band is like jumping into the cold water after sauna - it hurts, but it's so good!

06.02.23 AT-Vienna - Porgy & Bess
07.02.23 available
08.02.23 available
09.02.23 available
10.02.23 UK-Birmingham
11.02.23 available UK
12.02.23 UK-Newcastle

Sylvain Darrifourcq - drums, percussions
Manuel Hermia
- sax
Valentin Ceccaldi
- cello

Veronika Harcsa, Anastasia Razvalyaeva, Márton Fenyvesi

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"There was absolute silence during the songs such was the concentration of the audience least they miss a note. If Sirens ever existed Harcsa would definitely be one." Jazzwise

Debussy NOW! gets under your skin. A genuine contemporary experience in the spectrum between jazz, classical and electronic music.

29.01.23 DE-Regensburg - Sparks & Visions Festival
30.01.23 available
31.01.23 AT-Vienna - Porgy & Bess

Veronika Harcsa - vocals
Anastasia Razvalyaeva
- harp
Márton Fenyvesi
- live electronics, guitar

Neues Album Wayfarers erscheint am 27. Januar 2023 bei Edition Records

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Eyolf Dale
"Ein zukünftiger Pianoklassiker" JazzThing, DE

Eyolf's compositions by themselves are magical, yet in combination with Per Zanussi and Audun Kleive they are incredibly captivating.

12.12.22 CZ-Prague - Rudolfinum, Suk Hall
08.-12.02.23 available
11.02.23 DE-Gelsenkirchen - Schloss Horst
09.03.23 NO-Oslo - Victoria
10.-12.03.23 available
12.05.23 NO-Stavanger - Maijazz

Eyolf Dale - piano
Per Zanussi
- bass
Audun Kleive
- drums
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