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Tinka Steinhoff Booking

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Daniel Herskedal is the enigmatic master of sound and sonorous beauty. His music ebbs and flows with utter grace and poise, perfectly fusing the spirit of jazz with the compositional craft of classical music. Seldom do you hear a musician with such depth, emotive intensity and virtuosity shine who is simultaneously pushing the boundaries of his instrument to the limit.

Possessed with real melodic resonance, Daniel Herskedal is a hugely gifted and dynamic composer. His music breathes and is full of life. While his last 3 albums have earned him huge praise and adoring fans, this new music expands on the direction and takes influence from ‘Mistral Noir', the opening track from his album ‘Slow Eastbound Train', performed entirely solo, layering both tuba and bass trumpet in a both a mesmerising and sublimely beautiful way.

The influence of multiple genres is evident in the songs but it's the space, the capture, the quality of sound and the true brilliance of its simplicity that impresses most. Combine that with what kind of sounds he can make out of a tuba and it blows your mind.

Daniel Herskedal, tuba, bass trumpet

Ensemble: Daniel Herskedal, tuba, bass trumpet / Eyolf Dale, piano / Helge Andreas Norbakken, percussions
on request with: Bergmund Waal Skaslien, viola





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«Call For Winter is a unique album in every way. Music with a great emotional power - if you still need it during this time of corona - to get completely out of the world.» Jazzenzo, NL

«Unbelievable how rich his music can sound. [...] Norwegian tuba player Daniel Herskedal once again makes clear what a wonderfully interesting musician and composer he is.» 4/5 stars, Written in Music, NL

“Magical, flowing, blending into the soul” Rose No Guns, PL

“With “Call for Winter” Daniel Herskedal proves to be an excellent tuba and bass trumpet player, composer and songwriter. May this album make him  be invited to “ad hoc” projects on festivals and other opportunities with the ability to line-up larger ensembles and concert productions. Not only in Norway but worldwide.” Salt Peanuts, NO

“What wonderfully sublime music from Daniel Herskedal” BBC Radio 3, UK

“There was never any doubt about Herskedal's mastership as an instrumentalist. He is and has his own voice, but here on  a greater extent than ever before, he has created very personal music that will stay forever. Brilliant and thanks for the invitation!” Nettavisen, NO

“With these two instruments, Daniel Herskedal has succeeded in creating a completely unique music that is both magnificent and powerful.” 6/6 stars, Audiophile.no, NO

“a fantastic album, not only for brass fans” 5/5 stars,  HighResMac, DE

“A concentrated form can easily be discolored by monotony. That does not happen here. Our man manages to attract the interest for a whole album, and that says a lot about his musicality.” Jazz i Norge, NO

"A very sensuous album" SRF Kultur, CH

“A "tour de force" that will appeal to a wider audience as well as more sophisticated listeners.” Jazzhalo, BE

“Call for Winter’ is a very special solo album” 5/5 stars, Jazz’n’More, CH


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© Knut Aserud

Size: 2560 x 1707 px [1MB]


© Knut Aserud

Size: 2560 x 1707 px [1MB]

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