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Tinka Steinhoff Booking

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Percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, improviser and composer, Sylvain Darrifourcq (born in 1979) began his career as a classical percussionist, but later switched to drums and discovered rock, jazz and improvised music. A recognised figure of this generation of improvisers curious about borders, he is a musician in great demand. He has collaborated with personalities such as Joëlle Léandre, Tony Malaby, Michel Portal, Louis Sclavis, Marc Ducret, Andrea Parkins, Akosh S, Kit Downes. With the Emile Parisien Quartet, of which he was the drummer for over 10 years, he won a "Victoire du Jazz". Fascinated by temporality, space and rupture in music, he now creates a very personal language, built around the notions of "poly-speed", "physicality" and the mechanisation of the sound gesture. Eventually he gave birth to the eco-system FIXIN - a set of projects ranging from sound installation to performance - featuring digitally controlled motors in a minimalist and immersive light scenography.

The newest coup: a book in interview form about being an artist in the French cultural scene: 20,000 words. 




01.02.24 FR-Vitry/Seine - Sons d'Hiver Festival (mdqo!)
10.03.24 AT-St. Johann - Artacts Festival (mdqo!)
12.07.24 FR-Luz St. Sauveur - Jazz à Luz (mdqo!)
08.08.24 AT-Bezau - Bezau Beats (mdqo!)


About Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers

"lebendige Gegenwartsmusik schlechthin" Jazzthetik, DE (5/5 Stars

“[...] very different but very exciting stuff” All About Jazz, UK

"[...] what these three gentlemen are doing is unlike anyone else in Europe or elsewhere." London Jazz News, UK

"[...] even if you are used to this kind of music, you never completely come back from such a sound experience.” Citizen Jazz, FR

"Keep the gates of the jazz clubs wide open. With the devotion of this trio, any viral danger will be reduced." Jazzhalo, BE

"Darrifourcq agiert nicht als Timekeeper, sondern als polymetrischer Widerpart oder Klangmaler; Hermia bringt den Furor früher Free-Jazz-Aufnahmen samt hemmungslos überblasenen Tönen ins Spiel; Ceccaldi spielt ein Heavy-Metal-Cello mit verzerrten Riffs und Kratzgeräuschen und hält damit die Musik des Trios über weite Passagen auf einem Energielevel zwischen 98 und 100 Prozent. 'Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers' erweist sich als passender Titel für diese surrealen und doch seltsam greifbaren Klanggemälde." Concerto, AT

“‘Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers’ is an explosive cocktail where the the lightning speed of freejazz, the rhythmic breaks and orchestral heatstrokes leads you to an unbelievable sound experience.” L’Avenir, BE

“Just as there were once cults of mystery, "Kaiju Eats Cheeseburgers" is a record of mystery!” Dragonjazz, BE

“A music to listen to and above all to discover in concert to experience all its energy.” Jazzaround Mag, BE

“Eine druckvolle Angelegenheit“ Jazzthing, DE

Older reviews:

“[das] gehört zum aktuell Spannendsten, was europäischer Jazz zu bieten hat: Riesen-Spielintelligenz, unbegrenzter Einfallsreichtum und großes Klang-Dynamik-Spektrum – atemberaubend!" Jazzthetik

“a furious post-industrial onslaught that rarely let up.” Jazzwise 

“one of the most exciting groups in Europe.”  LondonJazz news                                        

“Hermia, Ceccaldi et Darrifourcq donnent une véritable leçon de musique : imbrication ou choc des timbres, maîtrise des nuances, surprise des alliages des sonorités [...].Tout ici est source de ravissement.” Jazzmagazine 

“Parallèlement à MILESDAVISQUINTET! et In Love With, la paire Sylvain Darrifourcq / Valentin Ceccaldi continue sa fructueuse collaboration et renouvelle les potentialités que propose la musique en trio.” Citizen Jazz   

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