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Hyperreal is the mesmerising new album and project by acclaimed Finnish pianist Aki Rissanen, blending compelling and complex soundscapes with the shimmering emotive trumpet melodies from Verneri Pohjola and the deep drive and irresistible grooves crafted by Robert Ikiz.

As longtime Edition Artist, he has released a series of highly acclaimed trio albums and more recently the solo piano album ‘Divided Horizon’ since joining the label in 2015. With Hyperreal, he has shifted gears, with drummer Robert Ikiz and long term collaborator, trumpeter Verneri Pohjola, seeing Aki switch between piano and electronic keyboards. The sound is deep, rounded and produced, and glistens with Verneri Pohjola’s poignant trumpet sound. Hyperreal is an album about change, about recognising the importance of being, of being aware, of renewal and letting go, as Aki explains: “There’s a change to something new and yet unknown. With the rapid transformation of reality to the AI generated virtual reality or hyperreality, we have to be aware and adapt to these things and distinguish between what is real and unreal”. With an empathetically delivered and unified performance, Aki has produced an album testament of his brilliance as a composer, keyboardist and improviser. Hyperreal is an album that will see his audience grow significantly and lead him to new places, (in whichever reality they exist in).

Release date: 14th July 2023 on Edition Records



Aki Rissanen - Piano
Verneri Pohjola - Trumpet
Robert Ikiz - Drums


World, apart from Finland.
Finland: Pia Raitala, pia@raitala.com


21.05.24 DE-Berlin - A-Trane / Hyperreal
23.05.24 DE-Munich - Unterfahrt / Hyperreal
24.05.24 DE-Gelsenkirchen - Public Jazz / Hyperreal
17.08.24 CZ-Stachy - International Music Festival Dobršská brána / Hyperreal


‘Aki is a tremendously musical, passionate and soulful person and has a high energy level. He is one of the best young pianists I have heard in years’. DAVE LIEBMAN

‘Rising star around Europe’ DOWNBEAT

”Advanced ideas with a street-sharp attack. Rissanen’s fine trio is a formidable force, with fresh musical intelligence to match flawless techniques.” THE GUARDIAN 

”Aki Rissanen is the one to watch- Finnish pianist’s chameleonic virtuosity has seen him play with an enviable list of luminaries.. Rissanen is a musical storyteller, a jazz musician with something to say.  In short, there’s a confidence in Aki Rissanen Trio’s playing that is borne out of mutual respect and can take this group far. They are shaping up to become an important band on the European scene”  STUART NICHOLSON, JAZZWISE

„[…] hell auf eine ganz eigene Art, steckt in sieben Stücken mit Stil, Anmut und Eleganz ein breites Spektrum an Stimmungen ab.“ Jazzthing

„[…] eine seltsam konstruierte Maschine, deren Zahnräder, Pumphebel und Federn sich alle in einem eigenen Rhythmus bewegen […] diese akustische Apparatur bewegt sich kraftvoll und unbeirrbar vorwärts wie ein aufgemotztes Schneemobil.“ Rondo

„Die drei Musiker driften auseinander, entwickeln ein Eigenleben, nicht frei von dissonanten Anflügen, bis sich die Band in einem gemeinsamen Beat wiedervereinigt. Dies live mitzuerleben, ist durchaus ein Gewinn. […] Immer wieder schälen sich Melodien aus dem scheinbaren Chaos.“ DeWeZet

„Hiermit dürfte er endgültig angekommen sein.“ Stereo, 5 Sterne Musik, 4,5 Sterne Klang

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