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Influenced by a lifetime of living between Brazil, Angola, the USA, Spain, Portugal and currently the UK, Marcelo Frota is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist better known as MOMO.
His hushed voice and crisp, sly guitar lines transform his delicate melodies into a universal language admired far beyond MOMO's native Brazil.

His 2006 debut album, A Estética do Rabisco, established him as the face of a new breed of Brazilian psychedelia influenced by Os Mutantes, Milton Nascimento & Clube da Esquina and Tropicália. It was named one of the best albums of the year by the Chicago Reader.
Over the course of six more albums, MOMO. developed his gift for reinventing classic musical genres, delving into indie pop and intimate acoustics. His passionate songs have caught the attention of some musical icons, including Talking Heads icon David Byrne and Patti Smith, and got him invited to participate in a tribute album to Caetano Veloso's 70th birthday, "A Tribute To Caetano", alongside Devendra Banhart, Beck, Rodrigo Amarante and Os Mutantes.

Some inspiring collaborations have coloured his repertoire: Marcelo Camelo worked with him on his 2017 album "Voá" and Grammy-winning Tom Biller (known for his work with Warpaint, Elliott Smith and Karen O) produced his 2019 album "I Was Told to Be Quiet".

MOMO. is currently living in London and is a resident at TRC (Total Refreshment Centre). His new album, GIRA, will be released on Batov Records this year.


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"MOMO. is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, but these labels only scratch the surface of the power of his vision. If he wasn't on your music radar before, he should be now." Felix Contreras, NPR

"MOMO. aka Marcelo Frota is one of the most exciting talents to emerge from Brazil in the past few years... His solo work ambling quitely soulful psych folk built around buoyant, but melancholic vocal melodies. Doesn't' sound like much else coming out of the country." Chicago Reader, Peter Margasak 

"I haven't listened to anything new coming grom Portugal, except MOMO. whom I've been listening to a lot recently." David Byrne, Público, Portugal

"I love it" Patti Smith about "Cadafalso"

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