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Schubert NOW!

Schubert NOW!


Veronika Harcsa's new album Schubert NOW! with harpist Anasztásia Razvaljajeva and electronical mastermind Bálint Bolcsó will be available on BMC records in 2025.

Veronika Harcsa – vocals
Anastasia Razvalyaeva – harp
Bálint Bolcsó– live electronics


For Debussy NOW!:

"There was absolute silence during the songs such was the concentration of the audience least they miss a note. If Sirens ever existed Harcsa would definitely be one." Jazzwise

“This is probably one of the most unusual approaches to Claude Debussy’s songs. (…) It puts them in a completely new futuristic context.” Jazzthing

“New multifaceted interpretations in a radiant sound design. Debussy Now! is a real audiophile pearl.” lowbeats.de

“..an exciting trio of players from Hungary reimagining the music of the great Claude Debussy..”   “…the way that this trio has treated the material is with great devotion to the original work but also applying an almost dub-like process improvising with effects and electronics to create almost a new version that is both intriguing and very connected to the work and the meaning of the work itself..” BBC Radio3

“They give a new life to this music, it’s an anti-musealisation.” Jazz Podium

“(the artists) approached each other at the crossroad between classical music and jazz. Veronika Harcsa is searching for a sound between the natural and the classical voice. She especially found it in ‘Fleur des blés’, where Debussy’s melody seems to be growing out of the improvisation.”  Jazzthetik

“You may not count the ‘jazzifications’ of Claude Debussy’s music any more these days. But this one is different thanks to Veronika Harcsa’s bewitching voice, that merges in a unique way with the debussyan melodies.” 4 star review in JAZZ Magazine, France

"We were not aware how much we needed this album. (...) We would have missed the voice that this release represents." fideliu.hu - major Hungarian cultural site

"For me this is the album of the year out of some seventy releases that I heard this year. Including the ones that I'm featuring."  Kristóf Weber, classical composer, for revizoronline.hu - main cultural review site in Hungary

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